CRM System

What is the purpose of a CRM system?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a technology for managing your business or other relationships and interactions with customers, potential customers, suppliers, sales prospects, management team, sales team, staff, Board of Governors and any interaction you wish to log.
The goal is simple: Improve relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Depending on your needs you are able to track mailouts, letters, birthdays, phone calls, product discussions, warnings, returns or any interaction you wish to customise the system for. How great is it, when you can immediately refresh your memory on your last conversation, recall holiday destinations, spouses, children, customer goals etc. Each entry can be classified according to access rights, so your PA may access Board minutes but sales staff cannot, only sales staff can see prospects and only logistics and accounting can see Suppliers for example.

The Daylite CRM system can interface with other apps such as database and accounting, so double entry is not required. The Daylite team can import your existing database if desired. It now runs live online, so can be accessed on iPad, iPhone and Mac from any Internet enabled location. All data updates to the central system, backups and software updates are handled in the background and online help is available.

The primary benefit of using a CRM is improving customer satisfaction. With this strategy, all dealings involving marketing, and selling your products and services to your customers as well as customer service, can be conducted in a systematic and organised way. Daylite software facilitates cooperation, increases efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction throughout their entire life cycle.

Get reminders when to follow up. Organise your contacts into targeted lists for email campaigns. Capture every email, meeting, and phone-call log in one place, linked to the customer, their company, your product or project, your sales-person, your technical specialist and more. Add tasks, appointments, reminders, projects, pipelines, telephone scripts, letter templates and more.

Remember every person. Every conversation. Every single detail. If you say, you’ll call next Tuesday, enter that as you say it and it will show in your task list. Meet customer expectations — be the company that responds when it says, and keeps it’s word. You can attach files and documents such as contracts, photos, or links to online files and folders directly connected to the client or supplier, display by time, company, sales-person, team or any category you care to set! For example, you wonder whether a customer is a firm prospect so you view every interaction from your company in date order and see what was discussed to evaluate if progress is really occurring.

Isn’t it great when you can say to a customer... “You phoned March 26th about the delivery method? Has the new method been an improvement for you?” Even if you are in the car on a tablet or phone. Manage your team. Manage your client relationships. Manage your business.