Preserve those old wedding, christening, birthday, bungy jump and other recorded occasions before VHS is unobtainable.

Floppy Disk to CD

OK you have these old floppy-discs that you don’t want to throw away, but you have nothing to read them! What do you do. Send them in and have the data files copied to a CD. A file for each floppy disc, named as per your floppy-disc. Your file will be bit-copied so no correction will be applied to any corrupted files

Film to DVD

8mm film and 16mm film to DVD

Camcorder to DVD

8mm Sony camcorder tape to DVD. Including Hi-8 and Digital-8
Other formats of digital camcorder if you can leave a working camera for output

Archival Audio

Sound saved to Archive Quality gold CDs to the RedBook standard

Digital Video Editing

Rotate video taken at the wrong orientation for display